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bar team 2020 bar awards

Number 2, Italian best
cocktail Bar 2016

Best New York Artist 2020



"’There is a large dose of Love in what we do. a mix of emotion and memories, Italian allure, social buzz, decadent eats, fabulous drinks - Old Fashion Cafe in SoHo has it all. Serving modern Italian cuisine with a focus on the region of Puglia, Old Fashion Cafe blends the old & new, offering a cool, trendy haven for in-the-know New Yorkers who want to eat well, drink enthusiastically, and delight in the good vibes.

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The drink program was designed by Piero Iacca, a World Class, extremely talented Italian bartender. Executing his vision is the dexterous Mixologist Alessio Bevilacqua, who adds flair to your sips, last but not least Antonello, one of the most important figures of New York mixology and greatest expert in Aperitivo’’


In the kitchen, Italian Chef Gabriele Rotunno merges his heritage with his passion for New York City, adding in his expertise brought on from training at the esteemed Istituto Eccelsa Culinary School. The sister restaurant in Taranto, Italy, is beloved for its flavor & passion-filled fare, which is brought to the table at the SoHo locale.


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